The commemorative events for the 40th anniversary are now over but this website will remain available as a record.

Southall Resists 40 would welcome and value your support. We will always value and acknowledge your help. You can support us by:

1. Becoming a core volunteer
Why not think about about volunteering your skills? We need volunteers to help us with:

  • Social media, updating the website, instagram, twitter and facebook
  • Coordinating events
  • Promoting our literature
  • General administrative skills
  • Placard and banner making

2. Making a donation
The ambitious programme of events will only be funded through donations.

Crowdfunder for Southall Resists 40

Financial contributions can also be made to:
Account name: Southall Resists 40
Account no.: 5333 9734
Sort code: 20 92 63

Alternatively, you can contribute via Ealing Borough TUC: 
Account name: Ealing Borough TUC
Account no.: 2006 5588
Sort code: 60 83 01
Reference: Southall Resists 40

Or by cheque to: 
Southall Resists 40, c/o Southall Town Hall, 1 High Street, Southall. UB1 3HA.

3. Supporting us through your trade union or other organisation 
You can use the model resolution and letter below. 

Model resolution:

This branch affirms its support to mark the 40th anniversary of the murders of Gurdip Singh Chaggar and Blair Peach in Southall, West London. It is an important event not only for the fight against racism and fascism, but for Southall and other black and Asian communities in Britain. Teacher Blair Peach was killed in an unprovoked attack. Nobody has ever been charged for his killing despite a national and international campaign for justice launched by his family and friends that lasted until 2010.

A series of events are being organised by Southall Resists 40, a community based group that includes trade union activists. Events will take place from April to June 2019 to remember a community’s victorious resistance against racism and fascism 40 years ago and the lessons for today.

The branch agrees to:

Support and promote the work of Southall Resists 40
Send a delegate to the organising meetings
Sponsor the group by donating money towards the cost of the events (directly or through the Ealing Borough Trades Union Council).

Model letter of support:

Dear Colleagues,

Southall Resists 40 – Appeal for Trade Union Support.

I hope you will be able to support some of the events planned to mark the 40th anniversary of the Special Patrol Group attack on anti-fascist protesters in Southall, West London. It was a historic event for the fight against racism and fascism and for Southall and other black and Asian communities in Britain.

In 1979 the entire community turned out for a peaceful protest against racist National Front provocation.

The community was attacked by almost 3000 police. led by the Special Patrol Group. They were armed with batons and 100 were on horseback. Blair Peach was killed, dozens were hospitalised after being beaten, 700 people were arrested and 345 people charged. The truth about the horrific events of that day only gradually emerged after prolonged campaigning.

An open community-based group Southall Resists 40, has begun the task of commemorating these historic events. Local schoolchildren have been involved in art projects and ‘history walks’ are also underway. On April 12th there will be an “Evening of Culture and Resistance” involving families of those who suffered and local musicians. Art, street murals, musical events and visual projections are being planned. On April 27th there will be a huge procession through Southall.

Outside of Southall other events are also planned, particularly at universities and schools, with the welcome support of the National Education Union (NEU).

At a time of the re-growth of the far right, we hope that you will be able to support these events, encouraging discussion in union bodies at all levels including union journals.

The ambitious programme of events will only be funded through donations.

Financial contributions can be made to [details above]