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Southall: political solidarity and the creation of community

Special issue of online magazine Discover Society marking the 40th anniversary and remembering the antiracist resistance in Southall. A number of articles on the history and drawing links between the uprisings of the 1970s and 21st century struggles against racism. Full text


Young rebels: the story of the Southall Youth Movement

A documentary film made by local young people looking at the history of their community from the 1960s to the 1980s with particular interest in the murder of Gurdip Singh Chaggar in 1976, the 1979 anti-fascist demonstrations and the death of Blair Peach and the 1981 burning down of the Hambrough Tavern. The film uses the Southall Youth Movement as a basis for telling the story of those years. Full film and accompanying booklet


Coming of age: 1976 and the road to anti racism

This book is about anti-racist activism in 1976. The events of 1976; the hostility to Asian refugees, the Grunwick strike, the birth of Southall Youth Movement, riots at Notting Hill carnival, and birth of Rock against Racism are often told separately, as unique events. History, however, is not a series of unique events. these events are inter-connected stories and form part of a longer story of racism and its resistance in Britain. More


Southall: the birth of a black community

On 23 April 1979, a whole community took to the streets to protest at the invasion of its town by the fascists. What were the struggles and experiences of the people of Southall – in work, housing, schools and in their community – that had prepared the way for such a show of common purpose? CARF reveals a pattern of racism and resistance from the 1950s to the 1980s. More


The killing of Blair Peach

David Renton’s 2014 article in the London Review of Books. On 23 April, 2875 police officers were deployed (including 94 on horseback) to protect the NF’s right of assembly, 700 protesters were arrested, 345 of whom would be charged, 97 police officers and 64 members of the public were reported to have been injured, and one demonstrator, Blair Peach, was killed. The police inquiry into his death wouldn’t be published until 2010. Full text


The report of the unofficial committee of enquiry

A 1980 report by Michael Dummett on behalf of the National Council for Civil Liberties (now Liberty) into Southall 23 April 1979 and the circumstances leading to the death of Blair Peach. Available at a number of public and university libraries, or to purchase. Find a copy



Licence to kill

Report by David Ransom for the Friends of Blair Peach Committee. Available at a number of public and university libraries. Find a copy




Southall Rights report

Report on the events of 23 April 1979. Currently unavailable.